a la carte Services

Facebook Boost


We share your photos or video on Facebook as a paid advertisement. These ads are targeted toward Facebook users who have recently used apps or searches to look at homes.

24 Hour Photo Delivery


We will have your photos delivered to you within 24 hours of your photo shoot.

Invoice must be paid prior to delivery.

Same Day Photo Delivery


We will have your photos delivered to the same day as your photo shoot.

Invoice must be paid prior to delivery.

Photo Slideshow


We will take the still photos from your shoot and put them together in a video Slideshow.  We then add a dynamic soundtrack to help bring the photos to life!

Sample Slideshow

Slideshow Branding/Info Slides


Per Slide

Add your logo and contact information to any slideshow.

Add information about your listings such as Square Footage and Room Counts.

Photo or Video Branding


Per Video/Per Photo Set

Add your logo or brand to a video or photo set.

Photo branding can be placed anywhere on the photo.

Video Samples

Raw Photos


Original photos from shoot, either in RAW, NEF or DNG format. These photos are not edited.

Photo Enhancement


Per Photo $25 Minimum

$99 for 25 Photos

Part of the service you get from HawkEye when we photograph a home for you is Photo Enhancement.

If you already have photos and just need them brightened or cleaned up, send them over and let us enhance them for you!

Website Design, Alteration or Updating


Per Hour

Do you like the website you are on? We hope so, we certainly put a lot of effort into making it nice to look at and easy to navigate. 

If you would like to have a similar site built for you or have changes made to your existing site, we'd love to help!

Virtual Staging

$39 Per Photo (when we produce & size the photos)

$50 Per Photo (if produced by someone else)

Help your buyers picture themselves in their new home! Great for vacant listings, new construction, recently renovated homes, and rentals!

We can fully furnish and decorate one room or an entire house, whatever you need! We have many different styles and colors of furniture (indoor and outdoor), rugs, wall art, plants and décor!

More Samples