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What is Curbfeed for Agents?

Curbfeed agents will close more deals. Your buyers will think you're the best agent in the world because you instantly text them new homes as soon as an agent makes them available.

Curbfeed agents have tools that include text messaging, video conferencing, screen sharing and access to our "Buyer Lead" generation. Get started in 60 seconds or less. Signup, enter your Flexmls creditials, download your contacts and set your active buyers to receive text notification and Curbfeed will do the rest. With Curbfeed you no longer have to manually monitoring buyers saved searches and send an email to ask them if their interested. Curbfeed continuously monitors a buyers saved search and looks at new price changes or homes just added. Get started in 60 seconds!

What is Curbfeed for Buyers?

Stop relying on popular websites that sometimes take hours or days to get updated. Our data is the same as your agent uses with up to the second updates.

Curbfeed for buyers is free and always will be. How it works? A buyer can enter his basic profile information and their search criteria. The buyer can then select an agent or choose to review Curbfeed properties without an agent. If the buyer see's something their interested in they can then select an agent to help with the buying process. Be sure to use a Curbfeed agent. This service is only available to agents using Curbfeed. Our Curbfeed agents service their buyers with the best technology available found here only on Curbfeed.

Curbfeed is AWESOME!!
It will streamline the way you organize and communicate with your clients. Watch the explainer videos and the intro video to see how Curbfeed can work for you. Also, they are currently offering a 14 day FREE trial with no Credit Card Required. Let me briefly tell you what you can do, but I really hope you watch the video, Check it out, and use the free trial.
Using Curbfeed for your Clients
Curbfeed will allow you to save your clients search criteria on your curbfeed contacts list. It then applies that criteria to an instant match system that will show you what homes on FLEXMLS match your clients criteria. You can then click 1 button to text & email the listing match to your client. Curbfeed does both and this is important because it eliminates the missed email. 95% of texts are read within 1-2 minutes. E-mails are often missed or forgotten about.
Getting New Clients with Curbfeed
When you sign up for curbfeed you receive a link that you can use for your clients or potential clients to sign up. You can advertise this link on your website or social media and send it to your clients to make your job easier. Watch the video and see how it works in real time.
More Reasons to Sign Up for Curbfeed
  1. Only 20 - 40% of emails are read in 2020.
  2. 95% of text messages are read and they reply within 60 minutes.
  3. 43% of the buyers national are millenniums who prefer text notification to email
  4. You can sync your contacts and setup your buyers to automatically receive new property matches and prices changes the instant an agent enters them into FlexMLS.
  5. You can add a link or a button to your website and agent pages, the social media sites and even your email signature to signup buyers to generate leads.
  6. The signup process takes seconds and your buyers can immediately benefit from texting property matches freeing you up for bringing in new business.
  7. 14 day trial period NO credit card required.
  8. $29.99 per month or $324 per year per agent
Reach out to me if you have any questions.

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