Holiday Decorations and Listing Photos

It is getting to be that time of year and I am sure you have seen the  witches, ghosts and monsters hanging and lighting up in front of many homes. Who doesn't love to decorate for the holidays, but one time you shouldn't is when you are listing your home for sale. You may have the absolute BEST decorations in town, but that is not what the person who is looking to buy your home will want to see. A potential buyer wants to see what their NEW home looks like, not how the current owner likes to celebrate the holidays.

If you are listing a home around the holidays, here are a few tips plus my new Home Prep Checklist. Don't decorate before your listing photos are taken because decorations date the photos (i.e. Halloween is in October). If you have hired a professional photographer then you know prep for the photos is very important. Homes look best when they are lightly decorated for normal daily living. Furnished but not full, so it is best keep extra furniture out of site until it is needed. Extra chairs for guests and table leaves to accommodate them should be put away. Remove all clutter and dust your furniture, even the spaces you may have neglected for a while. Arrange your furniture to be welcoming, in case you may have areas set up to be more functional than photogenic. I could go on and on room by room, but I think the Checklist I made would be more helpful.

Use my Home Prep Check List for more helpful tips.

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday Season.