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Consistently Sending Marketing Mailers

Hello and thank you for reading my blog.

As promised last week, today I am going to talk about SendJim.io.

SendJim is a First Class Mailing Service and Soooo much more. Let's get right into the best part of this service because it is really a great way to save time and keep your marketing consistent throughout the year. SendJim has an AWESOME tool called "Radius Bomb." This allows you to choose where you are mailing in a Hyper Local Way. Check out the screen shots below or the video to the left on this page to see how you can circle or draw an outline around the homes you want to send your advertisements to. This is one of the best mailing tools I have found after many hours searching for an affordable alternative to the USPS's Every Door Direct Mail(EDDM).

Below you can see how you open the Radius Bomb feature on Send Jim  and start sending your mailers out to your target audience right away. No need to print or send out 100's or 1000's of extra post cards because of the EDDM rules.

Send Jim also saves each of the addresses and what you have mailed to them through Send Jim. This makes it easy for you to consistently mail to your prospects and market yourself. Remember, the key to good marketing is consistency.

Speaking of consistency, SendJim also allows you to schedule your post cards in advance and even in a sequence. This is great way to tailor different marketing campaigns using there automated post card system.

The last feature I am going to talk about today is the Voice Mail Bomb. That's right, you can send a mass voicemail to your customers all at once. Send out a ringless voicemail to your customers letting them know you have a promotion running or thanking them for their business. Check it out in the video on the right.

As usual, feel free to reach out to me if you need any help getting started.


Voicemail Bomb

Find Your Area on the Map

Select the homes you want to mail to

Doesn't matter how few

Draw a shape and select on the map

Choose Your Mailing

Select a template or upload your own

Add a Website QR Code

You can upload custom designs as well