Virtually Showcasing Your Buisness

Relax, this isn't anything NEW

Hello and thank you for reading my blog.

Chances are you have already, "Virtually Showcased" your business or something that you wanted to show off. For the past few months I have been writing about many different tools and resources that YOU can use to "Virtually" show what you've got in different ways. Since we are currently dealing with limited ability to show anything in person, it is now more important than it has been in the past to be seen "Virtually." Take pictures and create videos. Explore some of the apps that are available to customize your posts. Increase your online advertising budget. Set up an online store if you can and haven't already. Showing homes, selling products, foods and even services can be performed without contact these days. I have a great example for you. DoodyCalls is a company that I found on Facebook. They come to your home and clean up after your pets in your yard. I was able to fill out a form online, confirm everything in a phone call and then they came and went without disturbing me. This works great for their business, but maybe not for yours. Let me offer some tools you may find helpful.

Virtual Marketing Solutions

The tools below are all things I have explored and use for my own purposes. Feel free to ask me about them.

Constant Contact - Constant Contact has E-mail, Social Media Integrations, Website Builder, Landing Pages & more. Learn More or Sign Up

Wise Pelican -  This company specializes in Real Estate Post Cards. Learn More or Sign Up

SendJim - This company specializes in mailing, mostly post cards, but they have other options as well. Learn More or Sign Up

Vimeo - Create and Publish Videos for your business. Use the links on Social Media, in E-mails and on Websites. This is Ad Free

YouTube - Create and publish videos on your own channel. Use the links on Social Media, in E-mails and on Websites. Some Ads Learn More or Sign Up

Facebook Marketplace - You can offer many different products for sale including homes for sale or rent. Learn More

Social Media Boosts - Using Social Media's paid advertising option is a great way to market. Learn more

Custom Website - A Web Company currently has an ad going around that says "A Website Makes it REAL" I agree! Learn More or E-mail Me for a Custom Quote

Canva - This is a great website that has a really cool app that you can use for both social media posts and print materials. Learn More or Sign Up

Adobe Spark - This is a great app and website you can use to create your own custom slideshows and social media posts. Learn More or Sign Up

Video Conferencing

Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, WebEx even Facebook has video conferencing abilities. Anyone who has a smart phone or tablet can conduct a video conference. Take advantage of this for business and social purposes.

This is a great way for businesses that rely on Face to Face time to operate. Personal trainers and fitness instructors can conduct sessions and classes over video conferencing. They can even record them and post them to their website or YouTube page. Some medical professionals are taking advantage of video appointments in order to limit contact.

If COVID 19 ends in a week are you wasting time & money?

If this ended tomorrow that would be the greatest thing that could happen, but none of this is a waste of time or money. Investing in your business is always worth the time & money. Remember to stay consistent and always follow up. Take this time to do the things you have been putting off. Update your website, Facebook or Instagram Page, send out some post cards or e-mails to past clients. Get those updates done. Don't take a break. Continue advertising and marketing consistently to grow your business.

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