Does your listing need Drone Photos?

The answer is YES!!!

As a photographer I find my Drone to be a great tool to have with me for every shoot. I know that no matter where I am there will always be at least 2 or 3 angles that would be great to capture from my drone. This blog is going to go over the different types of Real Estate Listings I recommend having drone photos done for and why.
Most properties that are located near the beach or the bay have drone photos taken to show off how close they are. When photographing any listing near the beach I always show what the most direct route to the sand is. For properties located on canals, there is no better way to display the route out to the large body of water than to show it from 400' up with an arrow. You can have photos taken from out over the ocean, bay or canal to give you the perspective you want. Photos that could never have been taken without a drone.
Drones are my goto solution for showcasing large properties. The view from above shows the vast size of a large property. It will always be more eye catching than a photo taken from the ground. You can actually show the size of a 3 acre property instead of simply taking a photo from far away on the ground. Drone photos can also be edited to show dividing lines for properties and can have words and arrows added to point out special features.
Vacant Lot or Under Construction
If you have a vacant lot then I strongly recommend having drone photos taken. Drones can be used to show more than just a dirt lot. Obviously they are great for showing location and lot size, but what about using a drone to get a preview of a potential view? Not sure if you need a roof deck or front balcony to see the beach? Take a look at this 360 Pano Sample that I made. A couple wanted to confirm they would have a view of the ocean from their not yet begun construction, new home. They were able to confirm the view they wanted before committing to a design that included front balconies.
Sellers excitement
The excitement that drone photos give to your seller doesn't surprise me anymore. They have heard the term and seen them in stores. If they are shopping for a new home then they have probably seen some drone photos. Maybe the person who just sold down the street had drone photos for their listing. No matter the reason, the added photo feature makes you look good to your client and we all know that is important.
What about my Budget?
Now, when it comes to having photos done and marketing your new listing, there is always a budget, but will the few extra dollars for drone photos break your budget or help you get that listing sold faster. The WOW factor of aerial photos will be the one that catches your next buyers eye. That same WOW factor may even be what catches your next big listing. Knowing some photographers charge twice for the extra 8-15 drone photos does make it tougher on the budget, but if you are reading this blog, then you know a photographer that offers drone photos in addition to any DSLR photo package for just $25. I am a FAA Certified UAS pilot as well as a photographer. As I said in the beginning, my Drone is a great tool for every shoot and that is why I have made it a no brainer to add them on to EVERY shoot. You can see more about my pricing on my website. Just follow the link to Services & Pricing