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I've been talking a lot about consistency in the past few weeks and today I am going to go into something that goes right with consistency. Today's topic is Content! Content is anything and everything that you put into your advertisements. Pictures, Phrases and Logos are the most commonly thought of items when you talk about content, but there is sooooo much more. Content can be anything that you think your target audience is going to find interesting. You should use different content to market the same products or services to different audiences. Here is what I try to think of when I am thinking of ideas for content that I can use for e-mails, social media posts and different kinds of print ads.

How Do You Choose Your Content

You should always keep your goal in mind when choosing your content. Are you trying to get new clients, ALWAYS, are you selling an item or a service, are you speaking directly to an individual or a select group? There are many variables, so keep an open mind. In real estate, agents and brokers aide in the sale and purchase of homes and land. These are usually some of the largest purchases that a person can make in their lifetime. There are going to be many different reasons that a person might choose you or someone else to represent them in this kind of transaction. What you must keep in mind is that the more people you are in front of, more often, with interesting content, the more people will want to choose you.

Content Recommendations

Recommendations are great content. Have you eaten at a great local restaurant recently? Do you have a great recipe you want to share? Are you curious about something? Ask a Question! Give a Survey! Ask for an opinion! Share your knowledge! Spark the interest of your Target Audience! Do you know a great plumber, handyman, or local pizzeria? You can use content that focuses on your clients wants, needs and interests instead of what you have to offer. You can also use special offers as content as well. Holiday specials and or any special event can be utilized to create content.

How Do You Publish Your Content

If you have been following my blog then you already know there are lots of ways to do it. Social Media & E-mail are my 2 favorite.

What do you like as your favorite advertising venue?

If you need help getting started, go back and read my blog or get in touch with me, I can help!


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