E-mail Marketing 101

Why You Should Utilize E-mail Marketing

Hello and thank you for reading my blog.
E-Mail marketing is an essential part of my business and many others. There are many reasons to be using it and I am going to cover a few of them along with some information about Constant Contact which is what I use for my e-mails. E-mail services are great because they allow you to create and publish your marketing very quickly. The year is 2020 and e-mail can not completely replace the USPS, but it is a great way to market in addition to your USPS mailers. One great benefit of e-mail marketing is that it is much more affordable than print marketing. You can send 1000's of emails for a very low cost in comparison to printed mailers. You can also track the results, resend to the people you know did not open your e-mail. You can quickly copy and resend a previous advertisement. You can share weblinks to different sites or videos that you want your audience to see. You can create surveys and lists and have a real grasp on what e-mail is doing for you, just by looking at the reports that are produced by your e-mail service. E-mail also goes straight to almost everyone's hand. It's on their phones or computers and that's why the Subject has to be good. These are the reasons I advocate strongly for adding e-mail to your marketing budget and schedule. It will be a great tool for you now and well into the future.

Topics & Goals

The emails should always serve a purpose or have a goal. They should be Tailored to your business and what you are looking to achieve.  This is going to dictate the topic or subject of your e-mail.

Let me Connect some of the Topics someone in Real Estate might e-mail about with there Goals:

  1. A Just Listed or an Open House E-mail would be a great way to market a listing to potential Buyers
  2. A Just Sold E-Mail can help entice potential sellers in your directions
  3. Market Your Sales History to Gain Listings
  4. Communicate Market Trends or History to show current and potential clients you are knowledgeable.
  5. Decorating Tips & Recipes are a great way to find what interests your readers or to fill a blank space.
  6. Offer Your Services to Buyers & Sellers! Tell people to hire you because a Call to Action is a great way to get hired.
  7. Anything a Home Owner, Seller or Investor might want to read is good for a real estate e-mail. Try to put yourself in their shoes.




E-mail Marketing is great, when it works. This is why reviewing your e-mail statistics is important. Using a good service provider like Constant Contact allows your to see many different statistics such as how many people opened your email and what did they click on inside of your email. Using this information you can figure begin to understand what subject lines attract more attention and what types of e-mails get more clicks or responses or ACTIONS. Understanding your statistics will help you to advertise better and grow your business.

How Do I Create and Send E-mails

I use Constant Contact to create and send my e-mails out. I send different types of emails out depending on what I am marketing or what I think may be useful to my clients and readers. Some of my e-mails are informative, some are special deals and some are just to say hello I'm here if you need me.  There are other e-mail services out there, but I am going to go over the one I use and am familiar with.

Constant Contact has many great features so lets get right into them. The first one obviously is e-mail. Constant Contact allows you to create lists that you can use to send out mass e-mails to. Whether it is a blog like this one or a promotional e-mail like the one I will send out later this week. I like how you can create all of your e-mails ahead of time and schedule them to go out when you want them to. Your e-mails can be created using a combination of images, text, buttons for weblinks and even surveys. Once you send your e-mail you can track who has opened them, who has clicked on them and who has unsubscribed. Remember the importance of knowing who is opening your emails and clicking your links. This will help you create better emails with a higher response rate.

Facebook Post Integration

The 2nd feature that I really like about Constant Contact is Facebook integration. Constant Contact can be set up to take care of all of your Facebook posts. After you schedule your e-mail to be sent, you are then able to schedule that same e-mail to be post to your Facebook page with the image of your choice as well as Text describing it. This is a great way to keep your followers engaged and also to keep you Facebook page from being empty or out dated. There is even a built in photo editor that allows you to edit your photos with text or overlays.

Other Features that Constant Contact includes

Constant Contact will connect a "List Builder" right to your Facebook Account so you can capture new emails easily.

There are a ton of other integrations that will help you to build your e-mail list easily inside constant contact.

You can create landing pages for surveys, list building, selling products or sharing information.

Constant Contact even has a website builder.

Take a look at the options on the right for creating Campaigns.

Create E-mails, E-mail Automations(triggered by dates, actions or events), Social Media Posts, Advertisements, Events, Surveys and Landing Pages.

Other Features that Constant Contact includes

If Constant Contact is something that you are interested in, but are looking for a little help getting started, call me.

I can help you get started with custom e-mail templates and a walk through of how Constant Contact can work for you.