How many photos do you need?

Below is a list of how many photos I would usually take and deliver for each type of room. (This also depends on the photo package)

  • Front 2-3 Photos
  • Foyer 1-3 Photos
  • Living Room 1-3 Photos
  • Dining Room 1-2 Photos
  • Family Room 1-3 Photos
  • Kitchen 3-5 Photos
  • Powder Room 0-1 Photo
  • Laundry 1-2 Photos
  • Bed Room 1-2 Photos Each
  • Master Suite 2-4 Photos
  • Bath Room 1-2 Photos Each
  • Back 2-5 Photos
  • Drone 5-15 Photos depending on the property

The total minimum count there is 21 photos. 16 photos if you skip the drone photos.

The total maximum count is 50 photos. 35 photos if you skip the drone photos.

This list doesn't include detail or lifestyle photos that are taken specifically to be eye catching rather than showing an entire room or amenity. A couple of good examples are a wine bottle and glasses or a close up of custom trim or countertops.

Larger homes may have more rooms or areas like vestibules that may need to be photographed and smaller homes and apartments may have fewer rooms, but the above list gives us a good of how many photos you may want.

Some properties are also located in communities that have amenities and signs that should be photographed as well.

Below is a survey so you can share your opinion. Let me know what your think.


How many photos do you like to see for each room?

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