How to Facebook Marketplace!

Yes, You can List Homes for Sale & Rent!

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Today we are moving on from Instagram to something called the "Facebook Marketplace."  You have probably heard of it by now or accidentally clicked your way in to it while you were scrolling through your feed. It is a really cool and FREE feature that Facebook offers. Whether you are clearing out a home or selling one, Facebook Marketplace is a great place for you to list it. It is becoming the new There are millions of people all over the world that utilize this service and you should too. 

This is just another great tool for you to utilize in your marketing kit. Facebook has become a staple for many to check multiple times a day. That means that the potential for more people to view your listings goes up which is going to help you to sell. Buyers can go in and search listings by price and zip code radius  as you can see in the "Buyers Screen Preview."

Don't forget to remove the listing after you sell it!

I do recommend Boosting your Facebook Marketplace Listing in order to help put it in front of your target audience.

Below are screenshots of the steps taken to set up a real estate listing on the Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace Link

Buyers Screen

Click Sell Something to get started

Choose the Type of Listing

Add Photos (Upto 50 Photos)

Fill Out the Required info & Description

Once Completed Click Next

Click Publish to complete your listing

Choose to Boost or Select Close

Your Marketplace "Selling Screen" Tracks your listings

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