Is YouTube Worth the Time?

Yes it is!! Here's Why!

Hello and thank you for reading my blog.

YouTube is a great tool for marketing and even better for keeping engagement up. When most of us think of YouTube we think of a place to watch cool & creative videos that probably will never make it to TV. It's also known as a place to you can learn to do just about anything. Just take a look, go to YouTube and search "How to...". Be creative, learn something new. You can even subscribe to channels that you like. Now let's look at YouTube from a different angle. We are going to utilize that it a free place that you can store & share all of your video files.

Yes, YouTube allows you to post all of your videos for free. They even give you all of the necessary tools to share them. You can upload & trim your videos and add question or action cards, video suggestions and a subscribe button to them. Those are just some of the features you can see in the video posted here on my blog.

Now let's get into why you should have a YouTube page. Video marketing has been one of the best ways to market for many years. Motion is always going to be more eye catching than still images and you can relay a lot more information in a 5-30 second ad than you can in 1 still frame. Now that you undoubtedly agree with me on your need for video content, we can talk about why you should post it on YouTube. YouTube is a well known site that is well built for sharing videos both privately and publicly. Since we are focusing on marketing, we love the publicly part of posting our videos. You can get in front of people who are looking for what you have by accident.

Many of my clients work in Real Estate and here is an idea for them. If you have a video, slideshow or virtual tour created for each of your listings, you should have them all posted on YouTube. You can share the individual video links with your buyers. Next, you set the end title card to be your "Newest Video." Don't worry if you forget, it will automatically roll into another video on your YouTube Page. This is how you keep your buyers looking at your listings videos.

Using YouTube also allows you to get some feedback from the videos themselves. In the video editor part of YouTube, you can add Poll Cards or Video Cards to your videos. Get your audience engaged by asking them questions throughout the video. This is such a great way to keep viewers interested and watching.

Finally, lets get into the numbers and facts. Having your own YouTube account will allow you to see the analytics on each of your videos. Analytics include things such as View Count, Watch Time, View Durations and other interesting numbers. Once you have this information you can use it to find what works best for marketing you and your business based on facts.

If you have any questions or are in need of Photo or Video Services, feel free to reach out to me.