Keeping Consistent with E-mail Marketing

Stay in front of your clients, past, present and future!

Hello and thank you for reading my blog.

Getting your name out in front of new clients is difficult and takes time. It requires you to be in front of them consistently so that when they are ready to make a decision, they choose you or your product. It's no secret that one of the best ways to do this is using e-mail. I use Constant Contact to send my e-mails out to my clients. I also send a few different types of emails. Some are informative, some are special deals and some are just to say hello I'm here if you need me. There are other e-mail services out there, but I am going to go over the one I use and am familiar with.

Constant Contact has many great features, but today I am going to focus on my 2 favorite. The first one obviously is e-mail. Constant Contact allows you to create lists that you can use to send out mass e-mails to. Whether it is a blog like this one or a promotional e-mail like the one I will send out tomorrow. I like how you can create all of your e-mails ahead of time and schedule them to go out when you want them to. Your e-mails can be created using a combination of images, text, buttons for weblinks and even surveys. Once you send your e-mail you can track who has opened them, who has clicked on them and who has unsubscribed. You can use this information to see what works best for you in your e-mails. Then make your next email better.


The 2nd feature that I really like about Constant Contact is Facebook integration. Constant Contact can be set up to take care of all of your Facebook posts. After you schedule your e-mail to be sent, you are then able to schedule that same e-mail to be post to your Facebook page with the image of your choice as well as Text describing it. This is a great way to keep your followers engaged and also to keep you Facebook page from being empty or out dated. There is even a built in photo editor that allows you to edit your photos with text or overlays.

If Constant Contact is something that you are interested in, but are looking for a little help getting started, call me.

I can help you get started with custom e-mail templates and a walk through of how Constant Contact can work for you.

Now that you have the tools to get your message out, it better be good.

If you are selling homes, Just Listed, Just Sold, Open Houses, Market Updates, Price Reductions, Partner Businesses like Landscapers and Handyman Services are great things for you to e-mail out. Be creative and be consistent.