Preparing your listing for a photoshoot

When preparing your listing for photos you want to keep in mind what the goal of the photo session is. We want potential buyers to see all of the wonderful amenities the home has to offer, but still leave some small surprises.

So let’s start with the easiest rule to follow

-If you think it doesn’t belong, hide it. Homes photograph best when there is less clutter and more open space.

-Let’s look at the furniture layout. We do need to give potential buyers a good idea of how they might utilize the living space, so rearranging the furniture and removing some space hogs may be a good idea.

-Closets are a great place to hide unwanted clutter. We usually don’t take pictures of them.

-Kitchen counters should be cleared and the sink should be empty.

-Bathrooms should be bare, no used soaps or toothbrushes. A fresh roll of toilet paper if you have a mounted holder and pull out your old floor mats.

-Bedrooms look best when the beds are made and the clutter is kept to a minimum. Most bedrooms are photographed from the doorway, so you can utilize the far side of the bed to hide clutter.

For more tips check out our website

Our Home Prep PDF is also a great tool for your clients.

Home Prep PDF