Slideshows are Great!! Here’s why!!

Free Slideshows with ANY Photo Package From 11/1-11/30/2019

Hi everyone and thanks for reading my blog.

Today I am letting everyone know a little more about slideshows. How do you make them, where can you use them and why are they awesome. This is a followup to a earlier blog I wrote, but I figured since I am giving them away this month I could take some time to get more in depth on them.

I have used and currently use a few different computer programs to create slideshows. All of the programs that I use are part of the Adobe Suite of Products although there are other programs you can use. The

most well known slideshow version is the "Virtual Tour" or on my website, "Tour Format Slideshow." This slideshow I make using Adobe Photoshop. It allows me to put the photos in the order or sequence that I like and then add motions like Pan, Zoom & Rotate to the photos as they play. Music can be added here as well to accompany the photos. It's a simple process once you have your photos and music ready. This slideshow really gives a great tour of the property and as long as it doesn't have any branding, it can go on MLS.

Another type of slideshow I make often is the "Flash Format Slideshow." This type of slideshow I make using a combination of Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Pro. I use photoshop to create the template that goes over the photos in the slideshow. This template usually includes highlights about the property, the property address and the contact information for the listing agent as well as their headshot. The photos play inside of the template quickly, but stay up long enough to catch interest. Usually they are shown for just over a second. This slideshow usually isn't shared on MLS because it includes branding and contact information. This does make the Flash Format Slideshow a great tool for social media. It has background music like the tour format, except this slideshow fits on Facebook and Instagram Timelines so they are likely to be viewed without the volume on.

Slideshows can also be used to in combination with live video recording. Some homes are too tight or small on the inside to really show them well on video, so combining drone or exterior video to show off a great location with good interior photos taken with a wide angle lens is the perfect marketing solution.

Something you may notice is that the videos are shaped differently. Any video can be formatted to fit into any screen as long as you know before it is rendered. Instagram and Facebook prefer Square shaped videos while TV's and Computer screens prefer Wide Videos. This format would depend on where you plan on using it most for marketing. Keep in mind, they are cross compatible and will still show well no matter the format.

Thank you for reading my blog.

Below are some samples, please take a look and feel free to contact me for you next photoshoot.

Tour Format Slideshow

This type of slideshow is great for sharing with potential buyers and it really fits great on MLS.

It has come to be known as the "Virtual Tour." It takes your listing photos and puts them in a sequence that you might tour the listing in.

Then some motion is added by panning across the photos to create the illusion.

Background music is added to bring the tour together.

Flash Format Slideshow

I recommend this type of slideshow if you are marketing on Facebook or Instgram.

It shows Flash Cards of your photos or anything you would like while displaying some of the important information.

You can list specifics like bed and bath count or an open house date alongside your name, contact information, headshot and logo.

Background music is added, but not always heard on social media timelines.


Drone Video + Interior Slideshow

This is my favorite. You can use this anywhere you like and it is sure to catch peoples eye.

Drone video can be combined with the tour format slideshow of the interior to create a beautiful tour.

When you do this you get the best of both. The live video from the drone is truly eye-catching and then a quick tour of the interior of the home.

Finish this with more drone video, some captions about the highlights of your listing and a soundtrack to bring it to life.