Tools for Consistent Marketing

Consistency is the Key to Successful Marketing

Hello and thank you for reading my blog.

Happy New Year. Let's Kick off the New Year Right by talking about the benefits of marketing consistency. Below I will tell you about the tools and strategies I use to stay consistent. If you are reading this, then it is working. LOL!!

Consistently marketing your products and services to potential clients is the best way you can grow your business and attract more new customers. It is now 2020 and you have to realize that in order to increase your client base, you need to reach out to more potential clients on a regular basis in order to garner their attention long enough for them to choose to do business with you. Consistency is the key to being successful in everything you do.

If you set out to lose weight and get healthy, you know that it is going to take hard work and dedication. It's not an overnight transformation and it certainly takes more than one day or one week. It is by being consistent that you will start seeing results and continue toward reaching your goals. The key is always consistency. The same thing applies to your business goals. 1 Post, 1 Email, 1 Post Card or  1 day making phone calls is how you get started. You must continually market to your client base using all of the tools that you have available to you.

Look at the best in your industry. Look at the consistency in their marketing. Have you received any of your competitors post cards or mailers recently? Did they send a follow up? If you are in real estate like many of my clients, then you know that timing is very important. Sending mailers has a great rate of return on investment in this business, but the best way to increase your ROI is to be consistent. Your next listing may hire you because they have received your post card every month for the last 6 months and they are finally ready to sell. They recognize that you have a great marketing plan because they have seen it first hand.

Post card after post card, email after email, post after post, open house after open house. Your marketing shows your current clients that you are working for them. Your marketing shows potential clients how you will work for them. Your marketing will make it easy for past clients to refer you out. Your marketing will give everyone more confidence in you and your business.

I could ramble on with more examples of how and why you need to been consistent in your marketing, but lets get to the  good stuff instead!

Below I am going to list the tools that I use for marketing and how they can be used to market your business consistently. Some I have covered in the past and some I will be covering in future blogs.

Please use the links to explore these tools. Feel free to contact me for help getting set up as I do have experience using them and could help you to get started with less of a learning curve.

Tools for Marketing Consistency

Post Card Mailing Service

With Mapping Interface for Hyper Local Targeting

Just Listed, Just Sold, Open House Cards will help you to Stay in Front of Your Clients

Facebook & Instagram

Social media Marketing

Check out my previous blogs for GB & IG tips

Learn about #Hashtags & Post Boosting to Keep your Social Media Current for best results

Constant Contact

E-mail & Much More

Constant Contact is more than just E-mail

Automation for E-mail, Social Media and list creation/addition

Notepad & Phone


Write things down and & reminders

Don't lose business because you forgot to do something

Facebook & Instagram

You should post regularly to Facebook and Instagram utilizing #Hashtags and Boosts. If you only post once in a while, then only those who follow you might see that post. Posting more often will help fill your page. A full and active page is much more attractive than one that was opened in 2011 and hasn't had a post since 2013. Using #Hashtags and Boosts will help to attract more people to your page so they will like and follow you. This is a great place to effectively grow your marketing circle on a small budget.

You can use free Apps like Adobe Spark to produce every changing content in order to keep your pages active right from your phone. So even when you can't get to a computer, you can still post something creative and new. Also, don't stress over every post being perfect. Your goal should be good quality and high quantity. Think about how many times you saw the same advertisement before you finally clicked and looked at what was being put in front of you. Volume and consistency are just as important as the quality of your posts and in social media, usually they are more important.

Constant Contact Email Service

I email many of you using Constant Contact. They have a great platform that allows me mass email everyone for a small monthly fee. This is a great tool that when used consistently, it will help to grow your following and your business. You are here reading my blog right now aren't you?

The interface they have is very user friendly and even integrates with apps like Facebook and Quickbooks. This helps with growing your email list as well as automating you posts to Facebook. Constant Contact has a Campaign Manager that allows you to compose an email, then schedule posts to follow on Facebook for days and weeks to come. This helps keep your Facebook Page active and interesting and saves you a lot of time. They also offer landing pages that can be used for various other ideas from digital flyers and info graphics to emailing list sign up sheets.

I am going to write a blog with more detail about Constant Contact for 1/19/2020. If you would more details or help getting started before then, please reach out to me directly. I can help you with custom email templates and other things you may have questions about.

Click Here to get started with Constant Contact


SendJim.IO for Direct Mailing is a service that I have found to be incredible for mailing post cards to market my services. They have a built in mapping tool that allows you to select a single home or circle a group of homes to add to your mailing list. Then you can send them postcards via 1st class mail for as little as $.69 each. This service is great for mail marketing on a consistent basis for many reasons. Reason number 1 being how easy it is to use. Create your mailing lists and consistently mail them for best results. This service has a ton of tutorial videos that will help you to get started.

Next week, 1/12/2020, I will publish a blog with more detail about how Send Jim works and how you can use it to your advantage. In the mean time, if you would like to get started with Send Jim, follow the link below or contact me directly. I can help you with custom post card templates and other things you may have questions about.

Click this Link to Get Started with

Notepad & Phone

About 15 years ago, my boss told me to use the K.I.S.S. Rule and I didn't know what he meant. Now I use it all the time. "Keep It Simple Stupid"  One of my favorite tools for keeping consistent is my notepad and I don't think it gets much simpler than writing down what you need to do. I keep a notepad on a clipboard and always write down everything I want to get done. I don't go through a list in my head and hope I remember everything. I don't search for the e-mail with the information I need. I put everything on paper. From the smallest Todo to your largest goal, writing them down on paper will make you more likely to complete them. Cross them off the list as you go. I also like to utilize the reminders function on my phone. I set daily, weekly, bi-weekly, tri-weekly reminders for recurring tasks like my marketing and blog e-mails. Every Sunday I am reminded to send out this blog by 10am. Every day I am reminded to complete my billing and banking in Quickbooks. Using tools like this to keep organized will help you to stay consistent.