Virtual Staging Made Easy

DIY Virtual Staging

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Virtual Staging is something that many of my clients like to have done when they are listing vacant homes. It is a great tool to help potential buyers visualize themselves living in your listing. There are many other advantages to virtual staging. Lets go through them quickly. Virtual staging costs less than physical staging ($15-$150 per photo depending on who you hire). It also saves the time and effort of physically staging the rooms. Virtual staging can be changed very easily if you or your seller are not happy with what was put into the photos. Virtual staging is also a great tool for working with property investors. They love saving money and still having furnished photos. I could continue down the list of reasons that you should use Virtual Staging, but I think you will make that decision on your own. The one disadvantage of virtually staging photos is that the furniture isn't physically there when you show the home. Let's get passed that problem right away. Keep copies of the staged photos in the rooms that you staged. It will help your buyers to visualize while they are at the property.

How do YOU Virtually Stage a Photo? (Watch the Video and See)

I use a website called to do my virtual staging. I spent a lot of time searching for the best solution to share with you and this is the easiest, most user friendly and cost friendly place to stage photos. They have a pay as you go plan which runs between $10-$15 per photo and they offer 2 annual subscriptions that give you a discount on your pay as you go plan. This website has great instructions built right in on how to use it as you go through each step. The library of furniture and different items to place on tables and walls is great.

I hope you find this information helpful and take a shot at staging your own photos. If you would prefer, I offer virtual staging for just $30 per photo.

If you are looking for more advance digital manipulation of photos there is a company in Australia that is really great. does a fantastic job staging and making advanced adjustments to photos. They offer a ton of digital services so please feel free to check them out.