What Does Canva Do? CONTENT!

Canva is for Creating Content!

Hello and thank you for reading my blog.

There is a really cool App I found called Canva. But it is more than just an App, it's a marketing tool. It can be used to make creative photos and videos to share across all of your social media platforms. Let me tell you more about why Canva is cool and what you can do with it.

Canva comes with a bunch of free templates that you can use after you create your free account. They offer some premium options that are worth checking out too. Right now I am talking about the app that goes on your phone, but they also have a great website.

On Your Phone

On your phone you can create video & photo posts with custom text. Canva allows you to choose different kinds of animations and styles to help make you posts pop. The templates that they come with are creative and really help to guide you. One feature I really like is that it saves all of your previous creations. That means you can always go back and do a quick edit to reuse the same template over and over again. This is great for keeping your posts uniform and also posting consistently. Another great feature is all of the illustrations, shapes and stickers that are built in for you to use. Remember you want to make sure your posts get seen, so make sure they POP! Now lets get into the website. It really is easy to use and you can do it while you're in between appointments or sitting home on the couch. The ability to easily create new images and videos from your phone really makes the convenience undeniable.

On Canva.com

Once you log in on the website you can see all of your customs designs, even the ones you created on your phone plus all of the different templates you can use. Canva will integrate with apps like Dropbox and Facebook. You can even use Canva to order prints of your designs or create whatever you might need printed. Business cards, posters, invitations,  you can design and print them all from Canva.  Canva.com can even help you to create different kinds of charts, graphs and infographics. The possibilities are only limited by your creativity. Don't worry if you run out of ideas, they have a "Design School" where they teach you how to use Canva to create exciting and eye catching content. I really could go on and on and on about this because there is soooo much to show. Check out the screen shots I grabbed from the website, or even better, Go check it out!! Canva.com

Sample Clip

Save them as a still image or a video clip