Why are Slideshows & Virtual Tours Great for Marketing?

Slideshows and Virtual Tours are a great tool for marketing because they bring life to still images. Some slideshows zoom or pan across the photos to create the illusion of motion, some slides shows fade in and out with different colors and special effects. They can be designed many different ways for many different purposes. The purpose usually designs the slideshow.

Following my own social media views I always noticed that anything I post with a play button would get more views than simple still photos or web links. There must be something special about that play button.

Do you catch yourself scrolling through your own social media feeds, pausing to watch a short video rather than thumb through photos? Slideshows offer the play button we like without the motion video production time and cost. Photo's can be produced much faster and also edited and changed faster. Using slideshows to recycle your photos for different purposes is a great way to create content on a budget. That is, if you have the tools needed to create the slideshows. There are computer programs and apps of all kinds that you can find to make your own. I recommend the adobe suite of products. It is what I use. They even have a basic slideshow/poster maker called Spark. Adobe Spark is a great tool for creating slideshows and other digital marketing. Click Here to be directed to the Adobe Spark Page

2 Popular versions of slideshows that I create for my clients are:

Tour Format Slideshow (Virtual Tour): Starts at the front and tours the home as if you were walking through it. This version I generally deliver unbranded so it can be used on MLS as well as your social media accounts. This type can also be used to show a town or really anything. Adding a little motion to the photos really helps bring them to life.

Flash Format Slideshow (Informative): Shows all of the photos in a set for 1 second each while displaying details and information. This version is formatted square to fit the upright feed of a smartphone. This is ideal for social media and usually contains branding and contact information which means it can not be used on MLS.

Also, I created 1 quick slideshow using adobe spark.

Anyway, Thanks for reading my blog.


You can combine motion video and slideshows

Tour Format for MLS Slideshow

Flash Format for Social Media Slideshow

Adobe Spark Created