What’s The Story?

Utilize Your Facebook & Instagram Story

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     Some of you may know all about the "Story" Feature on Instagram & Facebook and some of you may not know what I am referring to. It is the a feature that gets displayed at the top of your timeline on FB & IG. The displayed stories at the top of your timeline are for the people or groups that you follow or are friends with.

     This is the first reason you should be utilizing your Story.  It is a great way to get seen by people who at some point followed you. When you click on any story, it will play and then the next one will play and so on until you have viewed all of the stories of everyone you follow. This is different from a post because they can be lost in the timeline just because of poor timing. Someone might scroll right past your post.  Stories wont be lost in a timeline, but can be skipped.

     Now that you understand a little about what a story is on FB & IG. Let's go over some more of the reasons to use it. Another reason to post to your story is that it allows you to utilize the full screen for images and text instead of just a square post. That means you can use bigger fonts or put more information or larger images or videos. Stories are also called stories because they play in a sequence. You can add to your story throughout the day and when someone clicks to view it, it will start at the beginning or where they left off last. The story clears the prior 24 hours as time goes on. Stories can be made up of videos, photos or a combination of both. This is a great way to post events, sales, specials, promotions or "Breaking News!"

     You can use your story to share your daily adventures. There are also built in filters and tools for writing on or editing your story built right in to the Story Feature on Facebook & Instagram. That means you can get creative even without downloading an extra app.

     On Instagram, you can create "Story Highlights" to display on your profile page. This is a great way to display sample services, pricing information, how to's or anything that you would like to have stay available on your IG profile. Take a look at my Instagram @shorethingmkg

     Facebook allows a little more freedom to use the story feature. In addition to the filters, typing and drawing tools, you can add Links, Surveys or Polls to your Facebook Story. Those options are NOT currently available on Instagram.

Take a look at the samples on this page and go make one yourself. You can always delete it really quick if you don't like how it comes out. Another option is to create them using an app like Canva or Adobe Spark. I have shown you those apps in previous blogs. Check them out here in case you missed them. Canva.com Blog  Adobe Spark Blog

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Stacked Photos

You can use the full size of your story to show multiple photos.

Adobe Spark and Canva are both great for creating Posts and Stories.

Multipage Story

Look at these two Flash Card Videos. They have twice as much Real Estate to utilize on each Flash Card.

Need help getting started? Reach out to me and schedule a lesson.

Post Vs Story