How to Instagram Part 5 : Make Your Letters Dance

How to SPARK!!

Hello and thank you for reading my blog.
Welcome to Part 5 of the "How to Instagram" Series. When I really want a single photo post to stand out, I like to add motion to it. How do you add motion to still photos is the question. In this blog I am going to show you a great tool called Adobe Spark that I use to make my still photos POP on IG and FB. It is a really easy app to use app to use and guess what, IT'S FREE!! Well the free version does have a few premium features turned off, but it's only $9.99 a month for the pro version. I recommend starting with the free version until you can navigate easily, then get the pro version so you can really take advantage of the features. Check out the cool animations I added to the photos below. Scroll passed the samples for a Step by Step how to and the link to download Adobe Spark Post.


How to SPARK!!

Below are the Step by Step instructions on how to create and then save your own short animation or photo with moving parts

Link to Adobe Spark Website

Choose a Template or Press the Plus + Button

I Select Photo Library but there are other options

Choose your image or video

Choose the Size, I like to use the original, but you can tailor it to your post

Add Text to your Post. You can add multiple lines by clicking Add again
Now Click Animation

Choose the animation you would like to use

Press the Share Button

Share as a Video Animation if you want there to be motion

Adobe Spark will create the video animation (4 second Video)

Now it will Ask you where you would like to save or Post it.

These Slideshows are Formatted to Take Advantage of the Square 1:1 Ratio of Instagram & Facebook