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A Great Tool for ANY Realtor

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In my never ending search to find the best marketing tools I came across this gem. It didn't stand out for any reason other than the way I saw their advertisements over and over and over again. I finally clicked on it and here's what I found. WisePelican is a post card mailing service designed to be used specifically by realtors. They have some really great tools integrated into their website so lets go take a look.

Why Post Cards

I think post cards are a great tool for realtors because you are able to get in to the mailbox of many different people who you know live in the area you are servicing. In a time when social media and digital marketing have become the new way to market, Post Cards still stand out in the Real Estate industry. Are you a builder looking for property in a specific area or a Realtor who is looking to gain more listings in a specific town? Whatever you are doing in the real estate business, post cards will serve a purpose to you. Just listed, Just Sold, Open House, Coming Soon, We Buy Homes, Sell Your Home, the headlines can go on and on, but the bottom line is, Post Cards are a great way to get your message out to your target market. Don't forget to do it consistently. 4 would be the minimum times I would recommend sending post cards, that is once every 3 months. Some of you may like to send them every week, although that may be a little extreme. You do have to remember that consistent marketing is what works.

Mailing List Builder

They have a tool you can use to build your own custom mailing lists. Just enter your listing address (this will be the center of your radius) select the distance and how many addresses you would like. It will put the list together and then you can purchase it for just $.10 each address. The list is then stored on your account for you to reuse anytime you like for no additional cost.

If you would like to be more specific about your mailing addresses, you can use the list builders map & polygon tool to select as few as 10 addresses on a street.

Take a look at the screen shots below.

Post Card Templates

WisePelican also has many different post card templates that you can use for free. Just upload your photos and change the information before you send them.

They have a wide range of many of the major real estate company brands and logos pre-loaded for you as well.


WisePelican is a great way to create and send post cards for a reasonable price. If you already have a mailing list you can upload it and pay just $.70 per card to have them mailed to your next potential clients. If you don't have a mailing list, go ahead and take advantage of the list builder tool. Stay consistent sending these cards quarterly at least.

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Below are a couple of videos from WisePelican
Build Your Own Address List through a Search and Purchase them for only $.10 each.
Then they will be saved on your account to reuse.
Use the Polygon Tool to Choose Your Address on the Map and Purchase them for only $.10 each.
Then they will be saved on your account to reuse.
WisePelican has a lot of templates ready for you to customize.
They also have most Major Real Estate Agency Logos Pre-loaded and ready to be searched.
This will save you time and help keep you looking professional.